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In a hyper-connected world, speed, scalability and productivity are the key driving factors to elevate customer experience and drive growth.

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Our Engagement Model

Project Based

Fixed Cost

Client provides a detailed project scope.

We quote the project with clear timelines and cost.

We drive the project taking accountability from start to finish.

It’s a fixed price, fixed-scope model.

This model is ideal for projects with clear scope and functionality.

T & M

Time and Material

The client provides an overview of the project scope.

We provide an estimate based on time and effort on a cost-per-hour basis.

We deploy and scale teams based on the changing scope in an agile and modular development approach.

It’s a flexible price and agile project development model.

Ideal for medium to large projects or projects that keep evolving.


Dedicated Developer

Software engineers are dedicated to working on client projects for a predictable time and commitment.

Flexible to scale resources based on a monthly fixed cost per resource model.

Developers will be directly reporting to the client like your internal team.

Ideal for product development and maintenance projects.


BOT Model

Dedicated teams with cross-functional expertise are deployed to meet with your project goals.

Teams are on-boarded selectively and deployed on your projects as an independent unit.

Teams operate as an extension of your inhouse teams under the supervision of our project managers.

After achieving the desired project goals, teams are transferred to the clients' business.